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QOMO Instructional Videos


QOMO training videos for teachers!

The links below provides a number of general overviews of the QOMO board, Flow!Works software, document cameras and tablets.   The version of the Flow!Works software your computer uses may vary, as the version depends on the model of QOMO equipment in your classroom.  However, the different versions are functionally similar and the tutorials will still help you- even if the software is slightly different.

NOTE FROM OUR TECH DEPT:  As you use the QOMO website, it is important that you DO NOT attempt to update your Flow!Works software, as this causes failures and is a time-consuming fix for our technology department!

QOMO's Training Site videos:

TeacherTube QOMO getting started videos:  200/300  - Calibrating your board, hotkeys

Additional function videos on TeacherTube: (there are two "pages" of videos here!)